ROLE: Programmer

I worked on this app while working for Ultradata. Design was provided along with the assets. It was my responsibility to put the app together, provide app updates, upload to the store on the customer behalf and provide support. I also provided direction to management to resolve issues surrounding iOS updates and how to resolve these conflicts and deprecated frameworks and libraries as well as guiding and mentoring junior programmers.



The BankVic App offers a quick and convenient method of doing your banking for those on the go.

  • 4 digit passcode for quick and convenient access to your accounts
  • quick balance check feature that allow you to obtain a quick balance without being signed on
  • transfer money to third parties
  • View interest information
  • view/update your contact information
  • perform loan redraw
  • pay bills via BPAY®
  • view and maintain ‘personal payees’
  • PayAnyone from your accounts using their mobile phone number or email address
  • find your nearest branch or Westpac ATMThis service is only available to BankVic members and those registered for internet banking.

To register for internet banking, please visit for more information.

Keep track of your mobile device
Your mobile device is a way of accessing BankVic Internet Banking, so don’t keep your login information with your mobile device. Get in touch with BankVic immediately if you’ve lost your mobile device or feel that someone may know your login details or 4 digit passcode.
Close the BankVic App when you’re done
Make sure you close the App when you’re finished using BankVic online banking. Once you close the App, no one else can login without your login details or 4 digit passcode.