Hi, I’m Anthony and I’m driven to develop apps that are both usable, simple and intuitive.


I currently have 5 years developing applications for mobile devices. Personally I have 3 applications in the iTunes store that I have built in my spare time, but I have published many more applications for my full time roles including Android and Windows Phone applications. I have created various applications from banking to leisure.

I have a solid working experience of XCode and associated tools and have done extensive programming in Objective-C (including core frameworks). I have been developing apps on every version of iOS since iOS5, creating apps for both iPhone and iPad. My approach to app development is systematic and I have strong problem solving skills.

In 2013 I held an iOS advisory role to management for a year. In this role it was my job to guide management into better decisions about their mobile applications and provide support and mentoring to the junior developer. I’m someone who is always looking at the next innovation in iOS technology, often researching the possibility and effectiveness of implementing the latest technology and trends into my apps to improve usability and overall user satisfaction.

Within each role I have held I have quickly grown to become someone both management and fellow team members look to for information, guidance and general assistance. Part of my biggest strengths has been my willingness to take on a challenge and never give up till it has been completed. I’m hard working and always looking to learn new skills to better myself and the apps I create.